GMAT Practice Question Set #7 (Question 19-21)

Critical Reasoning Question #21: School Surveillance and Violence  
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In order to reduce the amount of teenage violence and drugs being distributed among students, school safety consultants recommended that the Whippany High School install surveillance cameras monitoring the outdoor areas of school grounds. Accordingly, Whippany school officials instructed the safety consultants to install the outdoor surveillance cameras, and the safety consultants zealously acted on these instructions and  installed as many outdoor cameras as they could. Nevertheless, reports of teenage violence rose somewhat.

Which of the following, if true, most helps to explain why acting on the consultants' recommendation failed to achieve its goal?


The change in security policy led to an increase in expenditure on security cameras and labor.


When the outdoor school grounds are too widely monitored via surveillance cameras, students bring the violence and drugs indoors to several of the unmonitored school areas: locker rooms and bathrooms.

The number of security cameras does not significantly influence the ease with which a teenage student can sell and distribute drugs.
Most of the students at Whippany High School are drawn into social circles that encourage teenage violence and drugs.
Whippany High School has made many students and their parents fearful as a result of the high number of reports of violence and drugs, not to mention all the instances that were not reported.

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