GMAT Practice Question Set #23 (Question 67-69)

Critical Reasoning Question #68: Rising Stocks to Buy House  
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Exposure to the rising values in the stock market, particularly stock in technology companies, entices many families to stop renting and start buying a house. Industry data shows that the proportion of families applying for home mortgages has increased significantly over the past ten years. Therefore, either families have invested in the stock market and experienced larger gains in value, or their desire to buy a house is greater than it was ten years ago.
Which of the following is an assumption on which the argument depends?
The number of bankers employed to service home mortgages has not decreased over the past ten years.
Families who buy a house are no more likely than other families to spend their money on a new car.
Families who buy a house are not more likely to get a home mortgage now than they were ten years ago.

Rising values in stocks have not been typical for companies outside of the technology sector.

Family households investing in the stock market do not make up a larger proportion of the population now than they did ten years ago.
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