GMAT Practice Question Set #4 (Question 10-12)

Critical Reasoning Question #10: Respiratory Problems  
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Which of the following most logically completes the passage?

Higher rates of respiratory problems in Clark have been linked to the airborne pollutants being released from the Lauriel cosmetic manufacturing plant. In response to these new findings, the city imposed regulations on the Lauriel plant, requiring it to reduce emissions by half in two years’ time. While Lauriel has no problem meeting these new emission levels, it is unlikely that the rate of respiratory problems two years from now will be reduced since ______.

the number of facilities capable of treating respiratory ailments is not likely to increase
reducing emissions even further than suggested through regulation would necessitate decreasing production at Lauriel
it is difficult to make accurate, long-term predictions about emissions
not all respiratory ailments are caused by airborne pollutants
two new cosmetic manufacturing plants are about to go into production in Clark
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