GMAT Practice Question Set #5 (Question 13-15)

Critical Reasoning Question #14: Renaissance Muslim Play  
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The Muslim from Cyprus is a Renaissance play written by Christopher Marlin but whose exact date of composition is unknown. However the religious conflicts and struggles that the play uses as a backdrop occurred in the early 1580s, and in the papers that accompany the original version of the play, other playwrights are noted to have encouraged Marlin to debut his play, which eventually occurred in 1592. Thus Marlin’s father must have passed away between 1580 and 1592, assuming that _______.
the religious conflicts and struggles of a Cypriot is not the subject of any other Renaissance play
the author of The Muslim from Cyprus intended it to provide as accurate a report about Muslim exploits as possible
the papers accurately represent the pre-debut status of the play at the time of Marlin’s father’s death
The Muslim from Cyprus is the earliest Renaissance play whose composition can be dated to within a few years
The Muslim from Cyprus was not written by Marlin's father himself
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