GMAT Practice Question Set #40 (Question 118-120)

Critical Reasoning Question #118: Publicity Campaigns  
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Publicity campaigns for endangered species are unlikely to have much impact on the most important environmental problems, for while the ease of attributing feelings to large mammals facilitates evoking sympathy for them it is more difficult to elicit sympathy for other kinds of organisms; such as the soil microorganisms on which large ecosystems and agriculture depend.

Which one of the following is an assumption on which the argument depends?


The most important environmental problems involve endangered species other than large mammals.


Microorganisms cannot experience pain or have other feelings.


Publicity campaigns for the environment are the most effective when they elicit sympathy for some organism.


People ignore environmental problems unless they believe the problems will affect creatures with which they sympathize.


An organism can be environmentally significant only if it affects large ecosystems or agriculture.

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