GMAT Practice Question Set #24 (Question 70-72)

Critical Reasoning Question #71: Phorid Flies  
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In their quest to store food for the winter, harvester ants compete with squirrels for plant seeds, limiting the growth of Farmville’s squirrels, which are a public health risk since one in 4 squirrels has been found to carry ticks and fleas. However, the red fire ant, which has recently invaded Farmville, has a venomous sting that can cause severe allergic reactions in humans that can result in suffocation and death. Therefore, the planned introduction into Farmville of phorid flies, a natural ant parasite that kills its host by laying eggs into its thorax, would benefit public health, since _______.
phorid flies are not parasitic to ants other than the red fire ant
red fire ants are less effective than many bird species in competing with squirrels for seeds
certain other species of harvester ants are more effective than red fire ants in competing with squirrels for seeds

the sting of red fire ants can also be fatal to squirrels


some pesticides that could be used to control red fire ants are harmful to the environment

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