GMAT Practice Question Set #10 (Question 28-30)

Critical Reasoning Question #30: Outdoor Surveillance Cameras  
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Windsor school's council wants to minimize the school's average yearly expenditures on outdoor security cameras and so is considering replacing the analog cameras currently in use with miniaturized digital megapixel IP cameras as the analog ones begin to wear out after years in the harsh outdoor environment. Compared to analog cameras, miniaturized digital megapixel IP cameras provide higher video resolution in a digital format that can be quickly accessed throughout a computer network, recorded in versatile digital storage devices, and accessed via mobile phones. Its small size also allows it to consume significantly less energy and enables a price point no greater than that of the old analog cameras. Moreover, the costs associated with the conversion of analog cameras to these new digital IP cameras would be minimal. 

Which of the following would it be most useful to know in determining whether switching to miniaturized digital megapixel IP cameras would be likely to help minimize Windsor's yearly maintenance costs?


Whether the expected outdoor life of the miniaturized digital IP camera is at least as long as that of the currently used analog cameras


Whether any schools have switched from analog cameras in their outdoor security to security cameras other than digital megapixel IP.


Whether the company from which Windsor currently buys analog cameras for outdoor surveillance also sells miniaturized digital megapixel IP cameras


Whether Windsor's city council plans to increase the number of outdoor surveillance cameras in Windsor


Whether the crews that currently maintain the analog cameras in Windsor's outdoor surveillance know how to convert the analog-based system so as to accept digital IP cameras

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