GMAT Practice Question Set #35 (Question 103-105)

Critical Reasoning Question #104: Mobile and Social  
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Which of the following most logically completes the argument?

The attribution of mysterious mobile social networking app "MobileSocial" to Mark Pinkerman is regarded as tentative since it is based on the first comment posted in the app - "Mark Pinkerman created this!" Recently, several blog and media publications have emerged that named Mark Pinkerman as the creator of MobileSocial; yet, no Mark Pinkerman has actually stepped forth to claim credit for the app. Unfortunately, these blogs and media publications lend no support to the attribution of MobileSocial to Mark Pinkerman since ________.


the first comment posted misidentifies the creators of some other recent startup web sites, including Facebash and Yoogle


the author of the comment had no strong evidence on which to base the identification of Mark Pinkerman as the creator of MobileSocial


there are websites and apps that can conclusively be attributed to a Mark Pinkerman from Seattle, WA but these are not mentioned in the comment, nor does this particular Mark Pinkerman claim he created the app


the recent blogs and media publications had no source for their attribution other than the earlier first comment posted in the app


no other known comments posted identify Mark Pinkerman as the creator of MobileSocial

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