GMAT Practice Question Set #2 (Question 4-6)

Critical Reasoning Question #6: Marijuana Regulation Makes No Sense  
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The purpose of regulation of Cannabis (marijuana) was to restrict the growth in the number of people consuming a "habit-forming drug" and to lower the incidence of violent crimes. Several large newspaper publications and organizations ran campaigns in the 1930s that demonized marijuana and emphasized a connection between marijuana and crime. But even alcohol can lead to abuse and violence if in the wrong hands; yet everyone today would agree that prohibiting alcohol, a product so ingrained in people's social life today, would be preposterous. Hence, regulation of marijuana makes no sense and should be repealed.

Which of the following, if true, would provide the most support for the argument above?


Alcohol has been known to cause violence and crime


The benefits of marijuana outweigh those of alcohol


The regulation of marijuana does not deter the sort of activity known to result in violent crime


The regulation of marijuana is not enforceable


Alcohol is readily available to anyone who wants to obtain it



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