GMAT Practice Question Set #23 (Question 67-69)

Critical Reasoning Question #67: Limits on Apartment Renting  
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Gotham City has just modified a country-wide legal requirement that the number of legal tenants living in an apartment go from two to four tenants. Most of Gotham City's apartments are 1 or 2 bedrooms. When a recession occurs and average incomes fall, the number of apartments putting up walls in the living room to make room for converted shared rooms goes up. Converted shared apartments reduce rent paid by each tenant. Therefore, though rental delinquency rates tend to rise in economic recessions, finding affordable rental accommodations in Gotham City will not be made more difficult by a recession.

In evaluating the argument, which of the following would be most useful to know? 
Whether in Gotham there are any apartments that charge leaseholders additional rent for each additional tenant in an apartment
Whether the number of apartment hunters for shared rental units increases significantly during economic recessions

What the current limit for number of tenants in an apartment in Gotham is


What proportion of city tenants currently live in apartments that already have an extra wall that converts a large living room into an extra converted shared room

Whether in the past a number of apartments in Gotham have had tenant-apartment ratios well in excess of the 2-person limit
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