GMAT Practice Question Set #18 (Question 52-54)

Critical Reasoning Question #54: Innovative Weed Blades  
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Innovators are developing a new cutting machine that hopes to distinguish weeds from agricultural crops by use of the latest technology in sensors. The differences in shade of color will be the basis for making the distinction. In their pitch to venture capitalists, the innovators point to the abililty to lower labor costs by completely removing the need for manual weeding.

Which of the following is a consideration in favor of the company's implementing its plan to develop the prototype?


Some plants change the shade of their color considerably as they grow.


When weeding may not be found necessary laborers engaged in that work can find other jobs in agriculture during the growing season.


While weeds are being removed manually, the prime consideration to identify them is the shape of the leaf and its overall size.


Genetic manipulation will allow any species of plants to be bred economically, so that it can have a distinctive shade, color and other characteristics remaining unaltered.


Different species of weeds show considerable variations in the shade of their color.

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