GMAT Practice Question Set #6 (Question 16-18)

Critical Reasoning Question #16: Hosta Plant Growth  
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Because plants have more nutrients when they are exposed to sunlight and water at their roots, the growth of young plants generally increases when there is a decent amount of sunshine. By contrast, however, following a prolonged period of sunny days, the growth of hosta plant leaves is minimal and the outside edges of its leaves begin turning brown, even when rainfall is plentiful.
Which of the following, if true, does most to explain the contrast described above?

During periods of extreme sun, the population of insects that feed on hosta leaves tend to fall.


The more rainfall the hosta plant receives, the more capable it is of conducting photosynthesis and growing its stem and leaves.


When hosta plants reach their mature size, conditions within the soil can become toxic or disadvantageous for nearby plants


Hosta plants completely shutdown their internal functions for short intervals in periods of excessive sunlight.


Except during periods of extreme sunlight, hosta plants tend to thrive better when rainfall is light and occurs steadily than when rainfull is heavy and occurs suddenly.

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