GMAT Practice Question Set #11 (Question 31-33)

Critical Reasoning Question #31: Hospital Medical Waste  
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Insight Hospital, a private hospital, is a major employer in the Bezelto area, but health regulations will force it to close if it continues discarding its medical wastes in the nearby river. However, cleaning up its medical waste in an environmentally friendly manner would be so expensive that the hospital will close unless it receives financial aid from the government. In order to prevent a major increase in local unemployment, the Bezelto government is considering working out a bill to fund fifty percent of the cleanup costs.

Which of the following would be most important for the Bezelto government to determine before deciding whether to fund half of the cleanup costs?


Whether the company that owns the hospital would open a new hospital in another area if the present hospital were closed


Whether the hospital would employ far fewer hospital employees when updated than it does now


Whether the amount of medical waste presently being released into the local river by the hospital is significant enough to constitute a health hazard for local residents


Whether the majority of the medical waste generated by the hospital is released outside the Bezelto area


Whether the hospital would be generating more medical waste after the cleanup has begun than it does now

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