GMAT Practice Question Set #25 (Question 73-75)

Critical Reasoning Question #75: High School Health  
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Any highschool health class that engages in discussion about levels of risk in connection with intercourse is not well served if the teachers fail to use the word "sex" and use the phrase "bodily exchange of fluids" instead. In fact, the word "sex" elicits desirable reactions, such as a heightened level of attention, whereas the substitute phrase does not. Therefore, of the two terms, "sex" is the one that should be used throughout discussions of this sort.

Which of the following is an assumption on which the argument above depends?


In the kind of discussion at issue, the advantages of desirable reactions to the term “sex” outweigh the drawbacks, if any, arising from undesirable reactions to that term.


The phrase "bodily exchange of fluids” has not so far been used as a substitute for the word “sex” in the kind of discussion at issue.


In any highschool health classroom, what is said by the participants is more important than how it is put into words.


The only reason that people would have for using “bodily exchange of fluids” in place of “sex” is to render impossible any serious health classroom discussions concerning sex.


The phrase “bodily exchange of fluids” is not necessarily out of place in describing a controlled rather than an accidental moment of sexual intercourse.

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