GMAT Practice Question Set #3 (Question 7-9)

Critical Reasoning Question #8: Forecasting Weather B  
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Meteorologists say that if only they could design an accurate mathematical model of the atmosphere with all its complexities, they could forecast the weather with real precision. But this is an idle boast, immune to any evaluation, for any inadequate weather forecast would obviously be blamed on imperfections in the model.

Which of the following, if true, would cast the most serious doubt on the meteorologists’ boast?


The amount of energy that the Earth receives from the Sun is monitored closely and is known not to be constant.


Volcanic eruptions, the combustion of fossil fuels, and several other processes that also cannot be quantified with any accuracy are known to have a significant and continuing impact on the constitution of the atmosphere.


As current models of the atmosphere are improved, even small increments in complexity will mean large increases in the number of computers required for the representation of the models.


Frequent and accurate data about the atmosphere collected at a large number of points both on and above the ground are a prerequisite for the construction of a good model of the atmosphere.


With existing models of the atmosphere, large scale weather patterns can be predicted with greater accuracy than can relatively local weather patterns.

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