GMAT Practice Question Set #24 (Question 70-72)

Critical Reasoning Question #72: Fertility Drugs  
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Couple patients who come to a fertility clinic generally get a prescription for clomiphene, a fertility drug, each time they take a pregnancy test that shows up negative. However, females who test less than 12 days from the date of conception have generally not built up enough hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in their bodies, a sign of pregnancy, to be detected reliably. Many first time patients are impatient and make their decisions to get another costly prescription after negative results from a pregnancy test less than 8 days after conception.

Which of the following, if performed by the fertility clinic, could logically be expected to resolve the potentially costly problem of first time patients paying for an unnecessary second prescription of clomiphene?

Releasing a general announcement that females less than 12 days from conception cannot be effectively tested for pregnancy
Requiring all females less than 12 days from conception to have a doctor’s prescription before taking a pregnancy test

Researching possible ways to test females less than 8 days from conception for pregnancy


Ensuring that couples do not make their purchase decision before 12 days has passed since conception

Stopping all females who have been taking fertility drugs for more than 12 months and having them learn more about another pregnancy option called in vitro fertilization (IVF)
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