GMAT Practice Question Set #5 (Question 13-15)

Critical Reasoning Question #13: Dinner Box Style  
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“Our House” restaurant is eliminating table-service from its casual dining restaurant in favor of prepared dinner boxes. The restaurant already fills every available seat during its operating hours, and the change to a dinner-box style will not reduce the available seats. Nonetheless, the restaurant's management expects revenue to increase as a result of the switch to the prepared dinner boxes without any concurrent change in revenue per customer or operating hours.
Which of the following, if true, provides the best reason for the expectation?
One of the dinner boxes takes up less storage space than the space taken up by one of the large dishes typically used when serving table-service customers
Diners eating out of a dinner box typically do not linger over dinner as long as diners who are served via standard table-service.
Since the restaurant will eliminate table service for only part of the restaurant, it can continue to accommodate customers who do not wish to eat out of prepared dinner boxes.
Few diners are likely to avoid the restaurant because of the new dinner-box style.

The restaurant eliminating table-service would otherwise have to hire new waitors and waitresses at a greater expense due to new city regulations on wage

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