GMAT Practice Question Set #1 (Question 1-3)

Critical Reasoning Question #2: Declining Nutrition Product Sales  
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After several years of declining product sales, the online nutrition site NutriShake revamped its marketing strategy. Before this change, NutriShake was focused on search engine optimization strategies to boost its rankings in search results on a big interet search engine in order to get more traffic. The new marketing strategy attempted to penetrate further into customers' referral networks by making use of Pay-per-Click ads on a business social network. After the marketing strategy shift, revenue from product sales increased.

In assessing whether the improvement in product sales can properly be attributed to the marketing strategy change, it would be most helpful to find out which of the following?


What proportion of the total revenue of NutriShake is generated by product sales?


Has the number of unique visitors to the NutriShake online site increased substantially since the new strategy change?


Among all the types of social networks that provide an opportunity for Nutrishake to advertise, which type accounts for the largest proportion of the nutrition company's product sales?


Do any marketing partners of NutriShake have a standing order with the NutriShake for a fixed amount of advertising per month?


Among the social networks that NutriShake is implementing its marketing strategy, are there more types of business social networks or more types of entertainment social networks?

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