GMAT Practice Question Set #27 (Question 79-81)

Critical Reasoning Question #80: Decline of the Lesser Yellowleg  
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Eve: The recent decline in numbers of the long-legged Lesser Yellowlegs, a North American wetland bird that is highly reliant on the boreal forest, is due to logging and eliminating wetland trees for timber, mining, hydroelectric, and oil & gas purposes.

Adam: The population of the Galerucella pusilla leaf-eating beetle, the Lesser Yellowleg's favorite prey in the North America wetlands, has been dropping. This is a more likely explanation of the Yellowleg's decline.

Which of the following, if true, most seriously calls Adam's hypothesis into question?


The numbers of the Horned Grebe, a water bird that does not especially eat beetles but is as dependent on the boreal forests as is the Lesser Yellowleg, are declining.


The leaf-eating beetle population has dropped because of a disease that can infect beetles but not Lesser Yellowleg.


The drop noticed in the leaf-eating beetle population is expected to be only temporary.


Many Lesser Yellowleg have begun adapting and relying on environments outside of the boreal forests of North America.


Although many North American water birds have declined in numbers, no other species has experienced as great a decline as has the Lesser Yellowleg.

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