GMAT Practice Question Set #45 (Question 133-135)

Critical Reasoning Question #133: Decline in Fish and Seabird Population  
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Seemingly inconsequential changes in sea temperature due to global warming eventually result in declines in fish and seabird populations. A rise of just two degrees prevents the vertical mixing of seawater from different strata. This restricts the availability of upwelling nutrients to phytoplankton. Since zooplankton, which feed upon phytoplankton, feed the rest of the food chain, the declines are inevitable.

Which of the following most accurately describes the role played in the argument by the statement that zooplankton feed upon phytoplankton ?


It is a hypothesis supported by the fact that phytoplankton feed on upwelling nutrients.


It is intended to provide an example of the ways in which the vertical mixing of seawater affects feeding habits.


It helps show how global temperature changes affect larger sea animals indirectly.


It is offered as one reason that global warming must be curtailed.


It is offered in support of the idea that global warming poses a threat to all organisms.

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