GMAT Practice Question Set #12 (Question 34-36)

Critical Reasoning Question #36: Crystal Meth  
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The Drug Enforcement Agency's efforts to block illegal trafficking of methamphetamine across the Mexican border were a failure in 2012. If the agency's efforts had been successful, the wholesale price of methamphetamine would not have dropped by more than 50% in 2012.

The argument in the passage depends on which of the following assumptions?


The supply of methamphetamine dropped substantially in 2012.


The price paid for most methamphetamine by the average consumer did not drop substantially in 2012.


Domestic production of methamphetamine increased at a higher rate than did the entry of the drug into the country.


The wholesale price of methamphetamine increased substantially in 2012.


A drop in demand for methamphetamine in 2012 was not the sole cause of the drop in its wholesale price.

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