GMAT Practice Question Set #35 (Question 103-105)

Critical Reasoning Question #103: Communication Subtleties  
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In speech, when words or sentences are ambiguous, gesture and tone of voice are used to indicate the intended meaning. Writers, of course, cannot use gesture or tone of voice and must rely instead on style; the reader detects the writer's intention from the arrangement of words and sentences.

Which one of the following statements is most strongly supported by the information above?


The primary function of style in writing is to augment the literal meanings of the words and sentences used.


The intended meaning of a piece of writing is indicated in part by the writer's arrangement of words and sentences.


It is easier for a listener to detect the tone of a speaker than for a reader to detect the style of the writer.


A writer's intention will always be interpreted differently by different readers.


The writer's arrangement of words and sentences completely determines the aesthetic value of his or her writing.

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