GMAT Practice Question Set #37 (Question 109-111)

Critical Reasoning Question #111: Color Psychology  
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Red is a color which has powerful effects on human beings as well as animals. A group of psychologists carried out an experiment which confirms the subconscious effects of this color on human behavior. They provided selected sports teams at school and college level with either red or blue shorts and recorded the outcome of the games. The teams wearing red won in a disproportionate number of matches. The psychologists suggested that either the teams wearing red subconsciously felt themselves more powerful, or that the non-red teams were subconsciously intimidated by the red color.

Which of the following, if true, would most weaken the psychologists’ suggestion?


Each team wore red in some matches and blue in others.


The color blue has the subconscious effect of making human beings less competitive.


The effect was only observed if all the team members wore white shirts.


Red signifies danger in some cultures whereas it signifies happiness in others.


In a subsequent study, teams with all-red outfits were more likely to report that they thought they would win no matter what color the opponents wore.

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