GMAT Practice Question Set #27 (Question 79-81)

Critical Reasoning Question #81: College Courses in Prison  
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Internet Blog Post: The Governor is trying to reduce the crime rate by imposing harsher conditions on prison inmates. One of the steps taken is to deny prisoners access to college level courses, which they previously could access from the computer terminals. The move seems to be counterproductive because after release from prison, inmates who accessed these resources while in prison commit far fewer crimes than inmates who did not access them.

Which of the following is an assumption on which the argument depends?


Denied access to online college-level courses is not likely to deter any prisoner from a crime that he or she might otherwise have committed.


Members of the general public are no less likely to commit crimes than are former inmates.


The group of inmates who chose to take college-level courses were not already less likely than other inmates to commit crimes after being released.


Taking college-level courses while in prison has more of an effect on an inmate's behavior upon prison release than taking high-school level courses does.


The Governor is attempting to increase his popularity by convincing people about his determination to reduce the crime rate.

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