GMAT Practice Question Set #15 (Question 43-45)

Critical Reasoning Question #45: Cholesterol Treatment  
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Which of the following most logically completes the passage?

Maquire and StarCo provide healthcare benefits to their employees. Maquire covers the expenses for both testing and treatment of high cholesterol. This is a smart move on Maquire's part since high cholesterol left untreated for many years will result in exorbitantly high costs for treatment. However, StarCo is not financially motivated to adopt such a policy because ______.


StarCo has more employees than Maquire.


Treating high cholesterol level at the initial stages is not a guarantee that there will not be any stroke later on.


The mass media encourage people to have diets low in cholesterol.


StarCo's employees are unlikely to have higher cholesterol levels than Maquire's employees.


The turnover rate at StarCo is faster than at Maquire so StarCo employees on average do not stay as long as Maquire ones do.

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