GMAT Practice Question Set #14 (Question 40-42)

Critical Reasoning Question #40: Camel Hump  
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Which of the following most logically completes the argument?
The camel is one of the most well known desert dwelling creatures. Camels were tamed and traded more than a thousand years ago. Prehistoric cave paintings in Egypt depict this animal with a large hump on its back. Fossils of this animal, however, do not show any hump. Nevertheless, there is no reason to conclude that the cave paintings are therefore inaccurate in this regard, since ______.

there are cave paintings in France which show prehistoric animals with a hump.


camel fossils are more commonly found in Algeria rather than in Egypt.


animal humps are composed of fatty tissue, which does not fossilize.


the cave paintings of the camel were painted well before 1,000 years ago


among the currently existing species of camel, only one of them has something resembling a hump.

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