GMAT Practice Question Set #21 (Question 61-63)

Critical Reasoning Question #63: Burning Nitrous Oxide  
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Proposal: Nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide are greenhouse gases that do not allow heat to escape into space. When the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is too high, the result is climate change, specifically global warming. In order to reduce global warming, emission of greenhouse gases needs to be reduced. Therefore, since both nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide are emitted from long-haul trucks using natural gas, these trucks should be replaced with electric powered trucks.
Objection: The electricity that would power electric-powered trucks comes primarily from power plants that emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
Which of the following, if true, most adequately counters the objection made to the proposal?

Every time a human being or other mammal exhales, there is some carbon dioxide released into the air.


The replacement of natural gas trucks with electric-powered trucks would occur gradually over a decade.


The electricity that is used to power electric cars generally comes from coal-based power plants.


Nitrous oxide in the atmosphere is more effective in blocking the escape of heat from the Earth than is carbon dioxide.


The amount of nitrous oxide emitted from natural gas combustion could be reduced if natural gas trucks used the latest in combustion technologies.

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