GMAT Practice Question Set #18 (Question 52-54)

Critical Reasoning Question #53: Broccoli and Asparagus Planting  
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Which of the following most logically completes the passage below?

Heavy rains during Argantuan's broccoli planting season prevented some farmers there from planting broccoli. It is now the planting season for asparagus, another of Argantuan's principal crops, and those fields originally intended for broccoli are dry enough for planting. Nonetheless, even though asparagus prices are unusually high at present, the farmers will leave most of these fields empty rather than plant them with asparagus, since ______.


broccoli prices are going up due to the excessive rainfall


many farmers are worried about financial loss because of the wet season


chemicals have been used on the field for the growth of broccoli and they will seriously interfere with the growth of asparagus


most broccoli farmers were able to grow broccoli, in spite of the heavy rains of the wet season


a lot of farmers grow asparagus as well as broccoli

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