GMAT Practice Question Set #13 (Question 37-39)

Critical Reasoning Question #38: Broccoli Chemicals  
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Sulforaphane, a cancer-preventing compound found in broccoli, helps cells defend themselves for days against highly reactive and toxic molecules called oxidants. Unlike standard antioxidants that use the molecular equivalent of hand-to-hand combat, the sulforaphane works indirectly by enabling cells to create a diverse group of enzymes. These "phase 2" enzymes protect against cancer by blocking select chemicals from becoming carcinogens. Research shows that these enzymes have the ability to detoxify oxidants, which increases their value in disease prevention.

Which one of the following can be properly inferred from the passage?


A diet composed largely of fruits and vegetables will help to prevent cancer.


Sulforaphane is essential to preventing all kinds of cancer.


Sulforaphane requires energy to create an army of cancer-protecting enzymes


At least some cancer is caused from some chemicals that are stimulated to transform and become a carcinogen.


A diet deficient in antioxidants is a common cause of cancer.

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