GMAT Practice Question Set #9 (Question 25-27)

Critical Reasoning Question #27: Blame for Financial Recession  
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Editor: Many people blame investment banks alone for the decline in US economy over the past five years. Yet clearly, the Federal Reserve and consumers have each played a vital role in this decline. In the five years prior to the recession, the Federal Reserve kept interest rates low and consumers had a habit of spending beyond their means. Combined, consumers went ahead and took on large mortgages to buy homes they couldn't necessarily afford should they lose a fraction of their income.

In the editor's argument, the portion in boldface plays which of the following roles?


It is the main conclusion of the argument.


It is a finding that the argument seeks to explain.


It is an explanation that the argument concludes is correct.


It provides evidence in support of the main conclusion of the argument.


It introduces a judgment that the argument opposes.

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