GMAT Practice Question Set #4 (Question 10-12)

Critical Reasoning Question #11: Bid for Paint Coating  
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The government’s design for the new cross-state bridge, the Plexico Bridge, makes use of a special reflective coating that is intended to make the bridge shine like a hologram from miles away. The winning bid for supplying the special paint coating was submitted by Sherwin & Co. Analysts concluded that the bid would only just cover Sherwin & Co's costs on the paint, but Sherwin & Co executives claim that winning the bid will actually make a profit for the company.
Which of the following, if true, most strongly justifies the claim made by Sherwin & Co’s executives?
In any government authorized model, the specialized coating on the bridge structures is exactly the same make and model as the coating used on the ramp structure going onto the bridge.
Sherwin & Co holds exclusive contracts to supply the government with the coating for a number of other bridges authorized by the government.

The manufacturing facilities for the Plexico Bridge components and those for the specialized coating to be supplied by Sherwin & Co are located very near each other.

When bridge owners need to repaint a worn-out bridge due to time and corrosion, they almost invariably repaint it with a coating of exactly the same make and type from the same supplier.
When the government awarded the coating contract to Sherwin & Co, the only criterion on which Sherwin & Co’s bid was clearly ahead of its competitors' bids was price.
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