GMAT Practice Question Set #16 (Question 46-48)

Critical Reasoning Question #47: Back to the Nest  
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With jobless claims falling and the stock market gaining more than 10% in the last few months (based on the stock market index), many pundits are saying that the economy is entering a phase of recovery and possible growth. However, their conclusion is wrong and misleading. The number of college graduates living back at home with their parents has increased every month for the last six months and parents are reporting they've been busier than they have been in years accomodating their now "grown" children.

Which of the following is an assumption on which the argument depends?


Stock market gains are not useful indicators of economic recovery.


Economic growth cannot be measured in terms of falling jobless claims.


Legislation has not been recently passed to give those who live at home with parents a free monthly voucher worth $500 each.


There has not been an increase in the number of college graduates who live at home.


Pundits on television often misrepresent the current state of economic affairs.

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