GMAT Practice Question Set #4 (Question 10-12)

Critical Reasoning Question #12: Avoiding Tunnel Congestion  
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Only a 25% fare increase for the Jefferson Tunnel into Gotham city will allow the traffic that is so congested there to be alleviated. The Washington Tunnel (just 2 miles north) going into Gotham city, would, if expanded to 4 lanes, be an attractive alternative for fully 30% of inbound traffic. Nevertheless, experts reject the claim that expanding the Washington Tunnel into a 4-lane tunnel would end the traffic congestion in the Jefferson Tunnel.
Which of the following, if true, most helps to justify experts' position?
Expanding the Washington Tunnel to a 4-lane tunnel would require not only substantial construction at the tunnel itself, but also the construction of new expanded highways going into and exiting the tunnels.
A second largely undeveloped tunnel close to Jefferson Tunnel would be a more attractive alternative than Washington Tunnel for many passengers who now use the Jefferson Tunnel.
The Washington Tunnel lies in a relatively undeveloped area but would, if it became a 4-lane tunnel with higher traffic, the surrounding area near the tunnel would be a magnet for commercial and residential development.

If the average car or truck has to wait 30-40 minutes to pass through the tunnel, the chance for cars to run out of fuel and cause emergency breakdowns adds significantly to the risks of operating a congested tunnel.

More than sixty percent of cars entering through the Jefferson tunnel continue on to a connecting bridge, only accessible via the Jefferson Tunnel, to reach their final destination on Goliath Island.
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