GMAT Practice Question Set #37 (Question 109-111)

Critical Reasoning Question #110: Artificial Sweeteners  
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Bevex, an artificial sweetener used only in soft drinks, is carcinogenic for mice, but only when it is consumed in very large quantities. To ingest an amount of Bevex equivalent to the amount fed to the mice in the relevant studies, a person would have to drink 25 cans of Bevex-sweetened soft drinks per day. For that reason, Bevex is in fact safe for people.

For which of the following assumptions does the argument that Bevex is safe for people depend?


Cancer from carcinogenic substances develops more slowly in mice than it does in people.


If all food additives that are currently used in foods were tested, some would be found to be carcinogenic for mice.


People drink fewer than 25 cans of Bevex-sweetened soda per day.


People can obtain important health benefits by controlling their weight through the use of artificially sweetened soft drinks.


Some of the studies done on Bevex were not relevant to the question of whether or not Bevex is carcinogenic for people.

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