GMAT Practice Question Set #25 (Question 73-75)

Critical Reasoning Question #74: Antibacteria Dental Equipment  
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A new antibacterial strategy works by using a chemical combination that strips the biofilm layer of a bacteria and then kills the bacteria with disinfectant. The chemical combination only works where fluids are constantly present as in a water tube. As such, dentists will still need to continue using their sterilization techniques to disinfect their equipment.
Which of the following, if true, provides the strongest grounds for a prediction that dentists will buy the new antibacterial chemical despite the need to continue using their conventional sterilization techniques as well?
Bacteria are not the only impurities that must be removed from dentist equipment.
Many dentist offices  have old sterilization systems that need to be replaced.
Conventional sterilization techniques have not been fully successful in killing bacteria in hard-to-reach water flowing areas.
The new antibacterial chemical combination requires relatively little time to administer and is cheaper than an entire sterilization system.
Dentists who use sterilization techniques rarely run into problems where patients suffer from bacterial infections.
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