GMAT Pill Student Scores 760!! (99th Percentile) with Q51, V41 – Thanks GMAT Pill Prep Course!!!

Update: This student was awarded a $50,000 MBA scholarship as a result of retaking his GMAT with GMATPill!

Hi Zeke,
I wanted to thank you for your help during my GMAT study. I just finished my exam today and I scored 760 (Q51, V41). Actually this is my second time taking the GMAT. My verbal score last time (six months ago) was 32, so the GMAT Pill study method has helped me boost the verbal score. Thank you very much and I would absolutely recommend your product to my friends. I am not a native speaker but my personal experience proved that GMAT Pill Study methods works very well for non-native speakers too.



Incredible GMAT Prep Story

Incredible story that illustrates yet another happy GMAT Pill Student. In this case, the student was able to score at the 99th percentile of the rigorous GMAT exam. Below is a screenshot of the actual email this student sent—unsolicited!

The student felt the GMAT Pill method really changed his way of thinking and felt we deserved credit for helping him reach his goal. This is just an initial email. A more comprehensive testimonial will follow.

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