GMAT Pill Review from Harsh: 720 (Q49, V39)

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Hey guys! This is Harsh Sundani from North Carolina.
I recently took my GMAT and scored a 720 (Q49, V39). I just wanted to make this short video and say thank you GMAT Pill, Zeke, and his team.

Initially when I was signing up for GMAT, I was looking for online tutoring for something that would give me a one-on-one experience but didn’t need me to actually go to an actual classroom since I was doing this while I was working. So I looked online, read through the various internet forums, read the reviews, and decided to sign up with GMAT Pill. Another 2 reasons that I chose GMAT Pill were first that their strategies were highly recommended by everyone on the internet who said it was excellent. And the second reason was that Zeke himself, being a Stanford graduate, and having scored 98th %ile in the GMAT – I was pretty confident that I was not making a wrong decision and I definitely was happy with my decision.

All the videos in the quant, the verbal, and the reading comprehension section are very well laid out. Zeke does a good job of dividing them into various core frameworks and makes it very easy for you to identify the correct answer on the exam and telling you this is what you need to do step by step.

So just wanted to say I would highly recommend these guys and you’re looking to score over 700, you should definitely check these guys out. Thanks.

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