Boston U Graduate Debates GMAT Prep Options, Chooses GMAT Pill, Scores 750

Thanks to Leon Yang for taking the time out of his busy schedule as a full time entrepreneur to make this video just as a thank you to GMAT Pill. Leon is a Boston University graduate who majored in Economics.

Leon’s GMAT Prep Experience


Hi everyone, my name is Leon and I got a score of 750 on my GMAT. So like everyone else I wanted to get a great score on my GMAT to get into my dream business school. And so I decided–what was the first thing I needed to do–to find some sort of guide or material that I could study my GMAT on.

Hearing About GMAT Pill | GMAT Prep

So I asked around some friends about some prep courses like Kaplan or Princeton and Manhattan GMAT, of course. A few of them actually recommended that I should look into the GMAT Pill. At first I wasn’t really sure what that was so I did a bit of research and looked into what they actually do. It was quite interesting–the approach that they took to teach me what I needed to do because instead of having a lot of reading materials, they’re really composed of a set of videos of tutorials and the types of questions that you really needed to know.

Also, it was a lot cheaper than the classes from what I paid compared to thousands of dollars. Like everyone else, I didn’t really have a lot of time to study. So I figured, instead of devoting that much time to the entire Kaplan or ManhattanGMAT score, I decided to take the GMAT Pill. And what the GMAT Pill does is that instead of teaching you so many things, it really helps you to tackle each different question specifically based on what type of methodology you wan to use. I was especially weak in sentence correction, so that was really helpful because it showed me every strategy to tackle every type of question.

When I actually took the test, a lot of times the same concepts appeared in the GMAT Pill as it appeared on the actual GMAT test and I thought that was really helpful. And I would say the same about everything else–the math problems, etc. Everything was a whole set of concepts, they broke it down piece by piece.

GMAT Videos

It’s very easy to study because every concept was broken down into a video. So if you spent an hour or two a night or day you could go over certain concepts daily. It’s very easy to watch and learn instead of reading because it’s kind of interactive. It shows you visually how to attack the problem so I thought that was extremely helpful for me. And I have to say for everyone else, I understand that I can’t guarantee to get higher than 700 or 750 from just going GMAT Pill, but what really helped me was combining the tricks and tips from GMAT Pill with going over the OG guide–the 12th edition, 11th edition. Just practice some of the problems.

And even when you’re practicing some of those questions, I saw a lot of times the same concepts that the GMAT Pill taught me–it just comes up again and again and made it extremely easy. So I have to say you have a limited amount of time to really get the most out of the time you study, I would say you should really go with the GMAT Pill and you could get some really good results.

Also I must say that just trying to do GMAT Prep questions–those questions really correlate with the actual test. You study that and you supplement with the GMAT Pill–you could really get a great improvement in your score really quickly. And so I think if you want to save some money and you really want to be more efficient in your studying, go with the GMAT Pill and I hope you get a good of a score as I did.

Thank God I Did GMAT Prep With GMATPill

Thank god I took that–GMAT Pill program and not Princeton or the Kaplan courses. I don’t think I would have—I’d say maybe I’d do as well, but for the amount of time that I would’ve spent I could’ve spent doing something else. To me, GMAT Pill was really valuable in that aspect. It really saved me a lot of time and it was really easy to learn. I hope that you will have the same experience that I did and hopefully you will get a really good score as well.

GMAT PILL—Online Test Prep Review
5 Star Rating: Recommended

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