GMAT Pill Levels Skewed Test Prep Market

GMAT Pill Levels the Playing Field

It is no longer the case that you need to spend a lot of money for quality GMAT Prep!
That’s where the GMAT Pill Course comes in. The GMAT Pill offers superior GMAT test prep at a fraction of the price of the traditional programs like Kaplan.

You’re probably looking at a variety of test prep options. Obviously, you can go to Barnes and Noble or to order some GMAT books to help you study. Popular names like Princeton Review and Kaplan come to mind.

But wait a minute! Do you really want to study out of a book? You should know the GMAT exam is not a pencil and paper test. In fact, it’s a computerized adaptive test.

Wouldn’t it make sense to prepare for the GMAT in the same way the GMAT test is administered?

If the GMAT exam is in front of a computer, then why would you spend a majority of your time studying out of a book??
Let’s say you’ve decided that studying from a book won’t cut it for you, especially in the competitive applicant pools for MBA degrees. Your next option is one of those exorbitant test prep companies for $1500.

That’s right. $1500 for a traditional test prep program! Ouch! That’s pretty expensive.

In fact, it’s so expensive that generally speaking, only the privileged rich kids can afford quality GMAT prep. They’re the ones that have the money to get the test prep and get a good GMAT score. With this, they’ll have better chances at getting into a top MBA program and then can make even more money and maybe even abuse their power.

Isn’t there something wrong with this system?

The system is set up to help the Rich Get Richer…[see Bernie Madoff at right]

You see, the GMAT market is skewed. Those who have money pay their way to a higher score. And those who don’t have money end up studying out of books.

Sure, if you’ve got strong discipline, then you’ll do fine. But don’t you think it’s not fair how some people get access to quality GMAT prep while others do not?

There are only two options:
1) Exorbitant test prep programs ($1,500)
2) Studying out of a book ($30)

Nothing in between—until now with GMAT Pill!

This is a huge problem. Unfortunately, I used to be a part of this problem.

As an exclusive GMAT tutor to privileged rich kids, I used to charge quite a bit of money ($200/hr) to help these already privileged students obtain admission into top MBA programs and then continue to make even more money.

Sure, the money was great. But it wasn’t meaningful for me.

So what did I do?

My students convinced me to create the GMAT Pill site, which helps to level the playing field so everyone has access to quality GMAT prep. This site is not about helping any one specific demographic over the other. It is about helping EVERYONE regardless of economic/social background.

So that’s what this site is all about. YOU. Not the privileged rich kids—YOU!

So far, we’ve served hundreds of students with incredible testimonials
Help me help you—join our facebook fan page: GMAT Pill Fan Page and show your support.

Take a look around the site to see if this visual study method is for you.

If you’re interested, go to the signup page.

Best of luck on your studies!

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