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GMAT Official Guide 12 &13 (OG12 & OG13)

GMAT Sentence Correction Questions

All video solutions for official guide sentence correction questions below are divided into 3 parts:

1) Answer in <1 minute – Zeke actually answers the question in real-time AS IF he were sitting in for the actual exam. You can follow along side him and learn!

2) Thought Process and Concepts – Zeke goes over the main concepts of the sentence and also goes through the various answer choices with commentary

3) Recap – Zeke summarizes how to approach this question and where the booby traps were.

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OG13 Sentence Correction

OG13 SC#3 – Surge in Retail Sales – Past-Present-Future(View Video)

OG13 SC#5 – American Immigrants – Past-Present-Future (View Video)

OG13 SC#6 – Diabetes – Idiomatic Phrasing(View Video)

OG13 SC#8 – Pyramid Chambers – Idioms: Phrasing (View Video)

OG13 SC#10 – Big Bang Theory – Past-Present-Future (View Video)

OG13 SC#11 – Carnivorous Animals – Idioms: As vs Like(View Video)

OG13 SC#12 – James Joyce & Virginia Wolf – Idioms: That vs Which (View Video)

OG13 SC#13 – Clay Walls – Idioms + X&Y Consistency (View Video)

OG13 SC#14 – Rising Inventories – Word Order / Subject-Verb Agreement (View Video)

OG13 SC#16 – Economic Climate – Singular Vs Plural, Idiom: -ING vs infinitive (View Video)

OG13 SC#17 – Sunspots – Phrasing (View Video)

OG13 SC#18 – Computer Security Procedures – Descriptive -ING phrase vs Laundry List (View Video)

OG13 SC#20 – Personal Spending – Apples & Oranges (View Video)

OG12 Sentence Correction

OG12 SC#1 – Glass House Mountains(View Video)

OG12 SC#2 – Surge in Retail Sales (View Video)

OG12 SC#3 – Native American Poetry (View Video)

OG12 SC#4 – American Immigrants (View Video)

OG12 SC#5 – Diabetes (View Video)

OG12 SC#6 – Pyramid Chambers (View Video)

OG12 SC#7 – Mass Market Sales (View Video)

OG12 SC#8 – Big Bang Theory (View Video)

OG12 SC#9 – James Joyce and Virginia Woolf (View Video)

OG12 SC#10 – Carnivorous Mammals (View Video)

OG12 SC#11 – Clay Walls (View Video)

OG12 SC#12 – Rising Inventories (View Video)

OG12 SC#13 – Economic Climate (View Video)

OG12 SC#14 – Sunspots (View Video)

OG12 SC#15 – Computer Security Procedures (View Video)

OG12 SC#16 – Personal Spending (View Video)

OG12 SC#17 – Advertising in Food (View Video)

OG12 SC#18 – Acquiring Carbon (View Video)

OG12 SC#19 – Planters (View Video)

OG12 SC#20 – Yellow Jacket (View Video)

GMAT Official Guide 13 (OG13)

GMAT Problem Solving Questions

Video solutions for Problem Solving Questions in OG13. All video solutions for these official guide questions are hand drawn math solutions done by Zeke Lee. This personal approach helps mimick your own experience sitting in front of the same question during your study time. Be sure to get a copy of your own official guide book and follow along the solutions.

OG13 PS#209 – Algebra

OG13-210 – Geometry (Lines and Angles)

OG13 PS#211 – Geometry (Coordinates)

OG13 PS#212 – Number Properties

OG13 PS#213 – Geometry

OG13 PS#214 – Word Problem (Algebra)

OG13 PS#215 – Word Problem (Probability)

OG13 PS#216 – Fractions and Equations

OG 13 PS#217 – Fractions, Negative Exponents

OG13 PS#218 – Decimal Digits

OG13 PS#219 – Word Problem (Factors)

OG13 PS#220 – Algebra (Fractions)

OG13 PS#221 – Number Properties (Consecutive Integers)

OG13 PS#222 – Venn Diagram

OG13 PS#223 – Algebra

OG13 PS#224 – Mixtures

OG13 PS#225 – Odd and Eve Integers

OG13 PS#226 – Word Problem (Fractions)

OG13 PS#227 – Decimal and Powers of 10

OG13 PS#228 – Coordinate Geometry

OG13 PS#229 – Fractional Inequality

OG13 PS#230 – Large Exponents

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