GMAT 1 Month Study Plan – Day 7

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1 Month Study Plan – Day 7 – CR (Day 1 of 5)

First, Understand the Big Picture

Every few years the GMAT makes some slight changes to the GMAT Exam. Yes, the new IR section launched in 2012 but there are still some slight changes to questions on the regular sections that you should be aware of. 

Since the OG12 and OG13 books contain questions that are most representative of the actual types of questions on the exam, it’s a good idea to take a look here to see what question types changed between OG12 and OG13. 

Out of the 124 OG13 CR questions, 25 of them are actually new and 99 of them are repeat questions from OG12. If you look at the breakdown of these 25 questions, you’ll see that there is a CR question type that is gaining more emphasis on the GMAT.

Here is a breakdown of the 124 OG13 CR Questions 

34 CR “Strengthens” questions 
29 CR “Weakens” questions 
15 CR “Helps Explain” questions 
13 CR “Boldfaced/Structure” questions 
12 CR “Evaluate the Argument” questions 
9 CR “Inference” questions 
12 CR “Assumption” questions

So what changed between OG12 and OG13?

There’s 25 NEW CR Questions in OG13: 

11 NEW CR “Strengthens” questions 
7 NEW CR “Helps Explain” questions 
3 NEW CR “Weakens” questions 
2 NEW CR “Evaluate the Argument” questions 
1 NEW CR “Inference” question 
1 NEW CR “Assumption” question

What Exactly To Do

1) Core Training (3 hours)

    A) Go to:

    B) Watch all the Core Concepts, Frameworks, and Flashcards

2) Read:

Get Familiar with “ASSUMPTION” questions (Includes Video explanations and Screenshots)

GMAT Critical Reasoning # 43: Alligator and Fish Population

GMAT Critical Reasoning # 48: Niacin Deficiency

GMAT Critical Reasoning # 49: Technology Commercial Success

GMAT Critical Reasoning # 50: Bamboo Construction


3) Prepare for Tomorrow (CR Day 2 of 5)

You’re going to go through Level 600 & Level 700 Questions as well as some OG questions.

Keep everything you learned fresh in your mind – sleep on it and review again tomorrow.

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