GMAT 1 Month Study Plan – Day 6

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1 Month Study Plan – Day 6 – SC (Day 5 of 5)

What Exactly To Do

1) Finish Practice Pill Questions (110+ interactive online questions + video explanations)

Today’s your last SC day. You should feel more confident now than you were when you started 5 days ago.

Test yourself with questions on the Practice Pill and OG. Give it your best!

Note that at the bottom of each Practice Pill question is a collection of DISQUS comments. Make sure you click “SUBSCRIBE via Email” at the bottom of the comments if you want to follow the conversation.

2) Review, review, review. 

GMAT Tip: Remember – do not dismiss a question just because you’ve seen it before. Just because you’ve seen a question before – does not mean that question is useless to you.

If you’re really that good, then test yourself and see if you get every question that you’ve seen before correct.

If you are not getting every question correct, then there is still plenty of room for review.

or any issues that you had – make sure you review.

Review your mistakes from the GMATPrep software.

Review your mistakes from GMAT Pill videos.

Review your mistakes from OG.

Review your mistakes from Practice Pill. 

Make a mental note of any “stupid” mistakes you might be making. Make sure you don’t make those stupid mistakes again.

Tomorrow – Critical Reasoning

Review everything about SC – and get ready to change gears to Critical Reasoning

3) Prepare for Tomorrow (SC Day 5 of 5)

Review everything about SC – and get ready to change gears to Critical Reasoning

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