GMAT 1 Month Study Plan – Day 5

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1 Month Study Plan – Day 5: SC (Day 4 of 5)

What Exactly To Do

1) Review OG questions you got wrong yesterday

Be sure to make good use of the OG tracker. Yesterday you should have inputted your answers into the platform and looked at your results.

Today you should be reviewing the questions you got wrong before starting Practice Pill.

Download the PDF of SC Practice Pill here:

This PDF contains:

  • a collection of Practice Pill questions
  • links to each question
  • markups of each questions to help you identify the important parts of each question for quick review.

2) Begin Practice Pill SC Questions (110+ interactive online questions + video explanations)

If you are constantly traveling, then be sure to make use of the “GMAT Pill” apps. These apps let you access the Practice Pill Questions.

You can:

  • Record your response
  • Favorite questions
  • View % correct for each question
  • View video explanations when you click “Show Answer”
  • Do Mini Question Sets of 3 questions each
  • View community discussion through DISQUS comments
  • Post your questions and get answers


3) Prepare for Tomorrow (SC Day 5 of 5)

Tomorrow is your last SC day. Be prepared to review core frameworks, and any other video that you got stuck before. Quickly go through all the videos – paying attention to the ones that you previously struggled with.

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Follow the 1 Month Study Plan

SC Video Solutions to OG Questions

Download the SC Practice Pill Review PDF

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