GMAT 1 Month Study Plan – Day 30

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1 Month Study Plan – Day 30: Test Day – Final Review

What Exactly To Do

  • Did you already take a trip to the test center so you can psychological visualize what it will be like to go towards the test center?
  • Figure out all the logistics for your test. What time is it? Are you practicing to wake up early?
  • If you are used to studying at night and waking up late – you’d better be ready to wake up early.
  • Exercise – to get your blood flowing. Sitting down all day and staying focused is not good. Get moving and get psyched for your exam.
You will need to bring
  • Government-issued Photo ID
  • No pen/pencil is needed
  • You can get scratch paper from the test proctor
  • Some testing centers will have head phones that you can wear on your head – only choose to use it if you feel comfortable with it
  • Remember to bring a light lunch – nothing fried
  • Remember the order of the test


    Part I: Writing & IR – [1 Essay + IR, 60 minutes] 
    A. Analysis of an Argument (30 minutes) 
    B. Integrated Reasoning (30 minutes) 

    5 min break 

    Part II: Quantitative Section (37 questions, 75 minutes) 

    A. Problem Solving (23 or 24) 
    B. Data Sufficiency (13 or 14) 

    5 min break 

    Part III: Verbal Section (41 questions, 75 minutes) 

    A. Critical Reasoning (14 or 15) 
    B. Reading Comprehension(4 passages, 12-14) 
    C. Sentence Correction (14 or 15)

Read this article on GMAT Psychology one last time:

Good luck!

Zeke Lee
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