GMAT 1 Month Study Plan – Day 3

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1 Month Study Plan – Day 3: SC (2 of 5)

What Exactly To Do

First, see the attached PDF download accompanying Framework 3.

And here’s another PDF accompanying Framework 5.

1) Go to SC Pill:

Apply Thought Process to Level 600 & 700 Questions (2 hrs)

SC Level 600 Questions (61 min)

SC Level 700 Questions (89 min)

As you go through these questions, reference and review the core frameworks you learned about yesterday.

2) Do Official Guide (OG) Questions – #1 – #20 (Budget 1 hr)

As guidance, we show you how to apply our thought process approach to OG questions here: 

OG13 SC #1-20 Question + Video Explanations (57 min)

For OG13 SC -> Go to page 672

Answer explanations begin on page 699

OG13 Sentence Correction Video Explanations

OG13 SC#3 – Surge in Retail Sales – Past-Present-Future(View Video)

OG13 SC#5 – American Immigrants – Past-Present-Future (View Video)

OG13 SC#6 – Diabetes – Idiomatic Phrasing(View Video)

OG13 SC#8 – Pyramid Chambers – Idioms: Phrasing (View Video)

OG13 SC#10 – Big Bang Theory – Past-Present-Future (View Video)

OG13 SC#11 – Carnivorous Animals – Idioms: As vs Like(View Video)

OG13 SC#12 – James Joyce & Virginia Wolf – Idioms: That vs Which (View Video)

OG13 SC#13 – Clay Walls – Idioms + X&Y Consistency (View Video)

OG13 SC#14 – Rising Inventories – Word Order / Subject-Verb Agreement (View Video)

OG13 SC#16 – Economic Climate – Singular Vs Plural, Idiom: -ING vs infinitive (View Video)

OG13 SC#17 – Sunspots – Phrasing (View Video)

OG13 SC#18 – Computer Security Procedures – Descriptive -ING phrase vs Laundry List (View Video)

OG13 SC#20 – Personal Spending – Apples & Oranges (View Video)

3) Prepare for Tomorrow (SC Day 3 of 5)

There are a total of 140 OG SC questions. Today you only did 20 – so tomorrow you’ll plow through the rest of them.


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