GMAT 1 Month Study Plan – Day 28

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1 Month Study Plan – Day 28: More Practice Tests / Review

What Exactly To Do

1) Yesterday you should have:

  • reviewed questions from the GMATPrep test

2) Today you should:

You can either take another one from the GMATPrep software – or you can take the full length test from GMAT Pill.

3) Afterwards, review. Review. Review.

I cannot stress the more. The more you redo questions that you got wrong – the better. Keep doing that until it is impossible for you to get something wrong that you’ve seen before.


Tomorrow: Breather
Take a breather. Relax. And get mentally ready for the real thing in just a few days.

Remember, you should ideally take off from work the last few days before your exam.

We ideally recommend taking your exam on a Monday or Tuesday – that way you will have the entire weekend and perhaps an extra day or so to prepare mentally for the exam.

Zeke Lee
GMAT Pill Study Method

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Follow the 1 Month GMAT Study Plan

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