GMAT 1 Month Study Plan – Day 24

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1 Month Study Plan – Day 24: Integrated Reasoning (2 of 2)

What Exactly To Do

Go to:

1) Last night you should have:

  • reviewed questions you got wrong yesterday before you go to bed

2) Today you should go through Practice Pill

Good – now that you’ve sorted tables, clicked on drop downs, and clicked around tabs in MSR questions, you should be familiar with the test interface for these new types of questions on the GMAT.

Remember – the IR questions are NOT the main show. They appear first thing on the GMAT exam (after your 30 minute essay).

But keep in mind the MAIN show does not begin until you start the Quant section. And then the most important part will be the very last VERBAL section.

So don’t run out of steam after IR. 

DO NOT let your performance on IR affect your psychology for the rest of the exam.

Don’t worry about getting everything on IR correct – you just need to be good enough. 

Keep your highest level of focus for Quant and Verbal!

Tomorrow: REVEW
REVIEW EVERYTHING and prepare to retake the GMATPrep software full length test the day after

Tomorrow will be ultimate review day. Redo questions you marked earlier that you got wrong from OG, Practice Pill, etc. Look through all the PDFs for any notes that you wrote during the past few weeks.


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