GMAT 1 Month Study Plan – Day 23

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1 Month Study Plan – Day 23: Integrated Reasoning (1 of 2)

What Exactly To Do

Go to:

1) Last night you should have:

2) Today you should go through core training

Intro to Integrated Reasoning (18min) 

IR Core Frameworks (5) (67min) 

  • Imaginary 3rd Column 
  • Relevancy 
  • Table-top 
  • Connecting Puzzle Pieces 
  • Matching Metrics

3) Apply thought process to questions – watch videos

Part 1a (100 min): Two-Part Analysis (V) 

Part 1b (51 min): Two-Part Analysis (Q) 

Part 2 (169 min): Graphics Interpretation 

Part 3 (103 min): Table Analysis 

Part 4 (280 min): Multi-source Reasoning

4) OG IR Questions

If you ordered the OG13 book, it should come with a passcode to access the online question bank for IR. You can practice with these questions. 

If you didn’t, don’t worry. The IR questions above from GMAT Pill are similar to the OG questions.

Tomorrow: IR (2 of 2 days)
Before you call it a day, review all the questions you got wrong today.

Tomorrow, you will go through the IR questions from the Practice Pill Platform. Remember to cover all 4 sections: two part analysis, table analysis, graphics interpretation, and multi-source reasoning.

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