GMAT 1 Month Study Plan – Day 21

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1 Month Study Plan – Day 21: Data Sufficiency (2 of 3)

What Exactly To Do

Go to:

1) Review material you studied yesterday (Budget a LOT of time for today or tomorrow – shoot for 6-10 hrs).

2) Watch Level 700 & Brutal Level Questions (3-4 hrs)

Level 700 Questions 19 videos, 92 min

Bonus: Brutal Level DS 12 videos, 43 min 

Bonus: Brutal Divisibility 15 videos, 99 min 

Bonus: Brutal Absolutes/Inequalities 5 videos, 32 min

3) Take a break, then Get Started on OG Questions (1-2 hrs)

OG Data Sufficiency Questions begin on page 275

Answer explanations are on page 293

Remember to mark down questions you got wrong today.

Tomorrow; DS (2 of 3)
Tomorrow you will will review questions that you got wrong today and then get started with the Practice Pill questions.

Zeke Lee
GMAT Pill Study Method

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