GMAT 1 Month Study Plan – Day 2

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1 Month Study Plan – Day 2: Sentence Correction (1 of 5)


1) Get familiar with test interface

2) Get a sense of which section you are weakest in – so you know which section to start studying first

What Exactly To Do

1) Core Training (3 hours)

A) Go to:

B) Watch all the 10 Core Framework videos (2.5 hours)

#1 Active Voice & Clarity

#2 Apples & Oranges

#3 Descriptive Phrase, Main Sentence (Download Bonus PDF)

#4 Split Sentence

#5 Idioms

#6 X&Y Consistency

#7 Subject Verb Agreement

#8 Laundry Lists and Long Sentences

#9 Past|Present|Future

#10 Onion Layers

C) Watch Bonus Flashcard Videos (30 min)

2) Download the attached PDF to see what you’ll be looking at over the next few days.

Framework 3 – Using STRUCTURE and MEANING to Decipher Modifiers (PDF)

Red Flag Word: Being (PDF)

3) Prepare for Tomorrow (SC Day 2 of 5)

You’re going to go through Level 600 & Level 700 Questions as well as some OG questions.

Keep everything you learned fresh in your mind – sleep on it and review again tomorrow.


Zeke Lee
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Follow the 1 Month Study Plan

Download PDF Lesson: "Being" as a Red Flag Word

Download PDF Lesson: "To do X vs doing X"

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